Companies have made significant technology investments over the past few years to support their transition to a work from anywhere model. But increasing user adoption to ensure ROI continues to present a challenge.

In a recent survey, 90% of IT leaders say their organization has the tools they need for flexible work, including video conferencing and other meeting room technology. Of those same IT leaders, nearly a third (30%) said improving user adoption of new technology in day-to-day operations was their top priority for 2022.

User adoption roadblocks

Ninety-four percent of IT leaders say their organization has become more innovative over the past year. But that kind of major change also comes with some growing pains. In the same survey, 71% of IT leaders said they still spend too much time reacting to problems with IT resources and tools, such as:

  • My laptop won’t connect to the room display
  • The room codec won’t connect to the far end of the call
  • The audio cuts in and out
  • I must shut off my video to get a decent connection
  • The camera in the room won’t turn on and remote participants can’t see us

Employees may not know or care what causes these issues. They just know they need their meeting technology to work, and it doesn’t. The first thing users do is put in a call to IT and wait for them to solve the problem.

But users may give in to change fatigue and abandon new technology completely if difficulties persist, or they simply don’t know how to use the technology. That means work becomes less productive, especially for geographically dispersed teams who need reliable technology to connect and collaborate.

Change fatigue and tech abandonment also mean the investment your company made to facilitate that work from anywhere model is wasted. You can overcome these roadblocks by giving users what they need – training.

How a financial institution transformed collaboration with new spaces and training solutions

Train your team to make user adoption simple and easy


Many users are hesitant to experiment with technology platforms. Having simple and easy to access training materials is essential to easing a new user into workplace collaboration technologies.   

Show your team how to operate your platforms with simple and easy to access on-site, online, or on-demand training.  

We all know developing training materials takes time and resources that we may not have. Your teams need to focus on their goals. But training content still needs to be developed and delivered.   

Outsourcing end-user training allows organizations to embrace new technology faster and removes the burden of teaching and troubleshooting from your teams.  

Platform training is essential when you are just getting started. 270 million new Microsoft Teams users are finding this out right now. If you are part of this new wave of Microsoft Teams users, struggling to train your team, you may want to review how you are managing the larger user experience. 

Embrace new technology with the user experience in mind


A positive user experience makes employees and meetings more productive. And positive experiences are essential early in the technology adoption process. So, how can you drive positive experiences to better new technology user adoption?   

The answer lies in providing readily available system support and management, tracking user trends, and training your employees. 

From video conferencing platform management to device and meeting space set up and support to security measures and governance, and of course user training, your team has a lot to cover. Planning, deploying, and managing each task across your flexible workplace will take time. 

How can you quickly create a seamless platform experience process for your IT team and your employees?   

The addition of a third-party service partner can create consistent streamlined processes that support positive user engagement, growth, and greater ROI from day one. 

Ensure user adoption with AVI-SPL user experience services and end-user training


AVI-SPL collaboration technology services make adoption and management simple and easy.  

Our end-user training services increase user engagement with a consistent and standardized approach to learning and adoption of new technologies. 

For Microsoft Teams, AVI-SPL’s user experience services keep your teams connected and engaged, ensuring meeting room reliability and a quality user experience.

With the support of a dedicated service partner, you can alleviate the stress of monitoring, managing, and training users on new technologies.

Need help improving your user adoption? Get in touch with AVI-SPL today.