Content Management

Successful digital signage depends on the right content management system (CMS) for your organization. Content management solutions for digital signage allows for the customization, scheduling, monitoring and deployment of content across a network of digital displays. A CMS makes your digital signage the centerpiece of your project to a level that has distinct benefits in efficiency, flexibility and even cost.

  • Web-based/Cloud-based – Your content management dashboard is hosted on your provider’s website, with all of your data saved in the cloud
  • Desktop download – Your content management dashboard is a downloadable program that runs on your computer’s desktop
  • Hybrid – A combination of cloud and on-premise solutions, where a server pulls content from the cloud and pushes data to the players on the network

Workplace Trends

  • More complex functionality is management systems is working in tandem with easy usability
  • Content management through mobile devices
  • Pull in data to create customized content based that speaks to the viewer
  • Incorporating social media into content so that people can see what others are saying about a product
  • Display trending purchases so the viewers can see which items are popular

What we provide

We assess your current content and target audience(s), in order to design a solution that with reach them. Our full suite of digital media services includes network assessments, architectural design, content creation, installation (hardware and software), and training. In short, everything you could possibly need, delivered from one trusted partner.

  • Hosted, on-premise, or hybrid model of delivery
  • Content creation and content design services
  • The solution you need, not the solution we want to push. With our deep understanding of best-of-breed technologies, we can create the solution that fits the customer
  • Services at all stages of the sales cycle, from assessments of your communication strategy and content, to management and monitoring of your solution, to content creation
  • A commitment  to providing certified resources to assist you in your needs
  • Our services are available for the customer needs beyond digital media

Let AVI-SPL’s creative team merge your identity, colors, fonts and graphics into exciting, engaging digital signage content. Each design is specifically created for use in digital signage applications with proven color, contrast, and layouts. We also offer several options for content on a budget.

  • Create dynamic, eye-catching layout elements tailored to your brand
  • Design quick-fill templates for message continuity within our content packages
  • Customize PowerPoint templates for digital signage displays
  • Design welcome screens, alert templates, department notices, etc.
  • Provide monthly updates for fresh content on your displays
  • Custom presentation design creation for your displays
  • Animate static logos, text and graphics for more impact
  • Design custom wayfinding maps and directories to help direct visitors
  • Content design services

Latest resources

Why Work With AVI-SPL

Our creative content team creates full-screen layouts that enforce your brand, look good, and are easy to read. Our services are available on a monthly, quarterly or one-time basis. can benefit you and your business. Partnerships with the industry’s leading digital media management providers enable us to deliver superior digital media solutions.

  • Digital Signage receives 10 times the eye contact of static signage. Our content team can help your signage ROI with relevant content
  • Studies show that digital signage has better recall than other types of point-of-purchase displays. We’ll deliver your content with memorable vibrant graphics
  • Depending on your resources for content updates, we can help manage and keep the flow of fresh content to your displays

Our portfolio of industry-leading services enables companies of all sizes to turn their communication strategy into a reality, with a little help from the experts.

  • We provide services at all stages of the sales cycle, from assessments of your communication strategy and content, to management and monitoring of your solution, to content creation
  • We are committed to providing certified resources to assist you in your needs
  • Our services are not digital media-centric. Our services are available to you beyond digital media