Digital signage content and analytics

Effective digital signage and video walls rely on fresh content, engagement and sales tracking, and consistent technology support. AVI-SPL delivers complete solutions that address all of these requirements .

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Create engaging, fresh digital content

You’ll need to refresh your content to keep audiences engaged with digital signage messages. To determine the frequency of changing content, review the time you anticipate your audience being in front of each display, known as “dwell time.”

Then estimate the frequency of visits to each location. Now you can create a loop of content for the estimated dwell time and ensure that visitors see each variation of messages 2-3 time during the loop. Create a content update schedule based on the frequency of visits.

AVI-SPL can share best practices for these topics.

Keep screens filled with interesting content

Content types to consider include:

  • Slides, photos, illustrations
  • Animated graphics
  • Motion video
  • Streaming video
  • Live news feeds
  • Database feeds (e.g., menus, events)
  • Text: headlines, body content, and calls to action

Let AVI-SPL VideoLink’s production team create your content

You can create and manage your digital signage content if you have creative resources available. Keep in mind that high-quality content must be created to display correctly on displays of assorted sizes and screen orientations.

If you don’t have in-house staff to create and manage your digital signage content internally, we can help. AVI-SPL can deliver content creation and management services.

Our experts collaborate with your team to deliver captivating content that works on every screen size. We use a mix of interactive and non-interactive content, motion graphics and static images, along with RSS feeds and local content.

The design and production teams at AVI-SPL VideoLink, a wholly-owned AVI-SPL subsidiary, can support your internal team by creating content and providing content management services.

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Boost sales with innovative digital signage solutions and analytics

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Digital signage innovations

AVI-SPL’s digital signage team can help you create interactive experiences for shoppers, visitors and employees. Options include touch screens and gesture control, 2D and 3D wayfinding. We can also design interactive experiences where the user can get details on products or organization history. QR codes on the screen to lead visitors to a web page for more information.

Other digital signage applications include creating interactive experience environments, such as briefing centers, customer experience centers, and demo areas. 3D video walls bring data to life through data visualization and simulation applications.

Digital signage analytics

Next-generation digital signage uses integrated cameras, sensors, and analytics software to anonymously and securely collect information from shoppers, giving you insights into shopper behavior. You can use this data to create custom shopping experiences for visitors. Advanced digital signage capabilities based on analytics include:

  • Brand customization for better recognition
  • Content personalization triggered by customer behavior
  • Directing customers to the products they want
  • Product recommendations based on past purchases or buying indicators

Digital signage managed services


Consider also if your internal IT teams have the resources to monitor and manage your digital signage technology. If you prefer, AVI-SPL can be your digital signage managed services partner as well. You’ll free up time for your internal support staff to focus on other business goals. We can support your digital signage deployment from end-to-end. Service options include:

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