We’re hearing that many organizations’ back-to-work plans are in full swing for an opening between January and March 2022. And with hybrid schedules now the norm, all of your meeting rooms must be video-enabled. Paul Gunia from Shure joins Nancy Lussier in The Collaboration Space to discuss how to install meeting room solutions quickly. And, we’ll find out how to help make meeting spaces easy to support.

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How Shure, Crestron, and Microsoft Came Together to Power the Hybrid Workplace 

Paul shares some of Shure’s history and the company’s strive for innovation that led to robust meeting solutions like Shure IntelliMix┬« Room. Paul and Nancy explore how Shure’s software-based audio processing for AV conferencing makes installing and supporting your meeting room technology easier.

Watch the full podcast to hear more about:

  • The benefits of Microsoft Teams Certification and Crestron PC integration for end users and support teams
  • How using DSP software vs. hardware makes installation easier with a 3-step process
  • Quality audio that delivers clear sound in all of your meetings
  • Creating workspaces that can entice people back to the office

Build Your Hybrid Workplace with AVI-SPL and Shure

Since there’s no DSP hardware required with IntelliMix Room, installs are simpler and will have vastly improved audio. Fewer cables mean meeting spaces are less cluttered too. You’ll also have the support of three technology leaders: Shure, Crestron, and Microsoft.

Let us help you install meeting room solutions quickly and make them easy to support. Get in touch with AVI-SPL today.