AVI-SPL’s Laurie Berg sat down with our partner at Biamp. They talked about the important role remote meeting management solutions play in keeping the hybrid workplace running smoothly.

The much anticipated return to work continues to be delayed in many places due to ongoing health concerns. But that might not be a bad thing. 

As employees continue to work from home, revenue in the collaboration and conferencing space has soared. And productivity has stayed high, too. Now the question for companies is, how do we keep it going for the foreseeable future? 

RTO and remote meeting management

3 ways you can improve your remote meeting management

  • Leverage flexible tools to gather and analyze information about meeting room solutions from anywhere. This is more critical than ever. In the traditional workplace, the tech support team was on-site, even if other employees were working remotely. Now tech support staff are also remote and need to help on-site and remote teams.
  • Empower users to get data and information the way they want. Consider using an open API that can integrate with other services. Also, notification channels to keep employee engagement high everywhere.
  • Simply the way information is gathered, presented, and analyzed. That’s essential to keeping your meeting rooms running smoothly. In addition, consolidating multiple dashboards into a unified view is a good place to start.

Keep your team collaborating with flexible remote meeting management 

Remember: flexibility is the word of the day, if not the year. But that flexibility doesn’t just apply to how, when, and where we work. It also applies to the tools we use. Are they on-premise or off-premise?

Are we using unified collaboration tools, cloud-based solutions, or in-room AV to communicate and collaborate? The right remote management system has to encompass a unified view of all your people, and all your technology. 

To learn more about Biamp and AVI-SPL remote meeting management solutions, get in touch with us today.