Webinar Recording: Collaboration for Success on Digital Platforms

Learn about the ways companies like yours can work with integrators and manufacturers to ensure their employees can easily collaborate as they return to the office. Representatives from AVI-SPL and Biamp address topics including:

  • How to solve collaboration pain points for users and IT
  • Technology that supports employees in the new workplace
  • The importance of integrators in building a technology strategy

How to plan for digital platforms in the workplace

Our guests also discuss how to plan and deliver a successful project. You’ll hear expert insight from:

  • Susan Milwit, Global Account Manager, AVI-SPL
  • Joe Whitesides, Sr. Solutions Architect/SME, AVI-SPL
  • Zach Snook, Sr. Product Manager, Biamp
  • Brandon Roberts, Enterprise Account Manager, East, Biamp
  • David Wolf, Unified Communications Engineer, Capital One

We demonstrate a real-world example of the customer, integrator, and manufacturer relationship working to advance a project. David Wolf, unified communications engineer, Capital One, offers his insight into working with AVI-SPL and Biamp to build a digital platform. This discussion will help you understand how successful a project can be when all parties are aligned.

This event was hosted by Jonathan Blackwood, editorial director of Commercial Integrator.

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by | Jun 22, 2021