Huddle Rooms

Work isn’t confined to the office anymore. It’s a fluid process that allows you and your colleagues to be mobile throughout the day. Because what matters is getting the work done. The workplace is reflecting this change – even as some spaces are getting smaller, but they’re also opening up in terms of their layout. Companies realize the value of dedicated huddle spaces where small groups can come together as needed to collaborate, even if just for a few minutes.

Workplace Trends

  • Organizations are focused on getting the most value out of their real estate and showing ROI per square foot
  • Giving coworkers the opportunity to work closely together as needed
  • Alongside the traditional meeting space, the huddle space is taking its place as a necessary environment in many enterprises and SMBs

Solutions for Huddle Spaces

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Why work with AVI-SPL

We are an advocate of workplace transformation – the kind of transformation that is seeing office layouts evolve from isolated cubicles to open spaces, huddle rooms, and similar areas that inspire collaboration among coworkers, and that turn meetings into sessions where real work gets done. We’ve designed and deployed more meeting spaces than any other integrator. Our focus on collaboration can also be seen in our innovations in meeting-space control, and in our partnership with Microsoft, which had given us elite partner status to offer to its Surface Hub. In each case, from services to innovations to partnership, we have put our commitment to workplace transformation and huddle spaces in practice.