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Today’s meeting spaces are the focus of workplace transformation. Meeting room technology is an essential part of your Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) strategy. Change how people can work with one another, and you change what they can do. Wireless sharing, automated control systems, and managed services have helped transform meeting spaces into an area where your coworkers want to be so they can come together and solve problems.

With all the changes in the work environment — mobility, huddle spaces, open collaboration areas — the meeting room remains a vital asset to your organization.  Today’s meeting rooms are more than areas where team members come together to plan and discuss. It’s where they get work done, space where those remote and on-site, customers and colleagues, can come together and make progress.

Unified Communications & Collaboration Workplace Trends

  • Activity-based workspaces empower different generations to be productive and collaborative in the ways they are most comfortable
  • Meeting rooms with infinite canvas video walls give teams an unlimited amount of digital space on which they can share, store, and work on ideas for projects.
  • Proximity location software lets users know through their smart devices if a room is in use or booked as they approach it
  • Sensors that detect when a room is vacant and no longer in use, so that systems can return to idle mode
  • Meetings rooms are becoming areas where work gets done, not just talked about
  • Customized room control for different user types and access levels
  • Automation technology that readies room for collaboration in less than a minute
  • Move toward wireless technology

Workplace Collaboration Ensure Meeting Rooms Support All Workstyles & Preferences  Learn how to build a video meeting user interface that delivers the desired  user experience. AVI-SPL’s David Thorson breaks down the process into five  steps.Read the guide.

Solutions for Collaboration Spaces

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You’re getting a partner with a process-based approach to your goals. That means we follow best practices as we collaborate with you to diligently develop solutions that meet your Unified Communications and Collaboration objectives. In addition to our expertise, you also benefit from our close partnerships with the AV and collaboration industry’s best manufacturers. The combination of experience, talent, and superior equipment brings to you:

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AVI-SPL has integrated more meeting spaces than any other solutions provider. We like to think that says two things about us: 1.) more experience than any other integrator out there; and 2.) that more companies, contractors, and consultants are placing their trust in us than in anyone else. AVI-SPL engineers, integrators, and managers take ownership of our portion of the project, and actively coordinate with other trades to ensure the integration is completed on time and to your satisfaction.Work with AVI-SPL and you’re working with a team whose global presence enables us to standardize solutions across your enterprise. When you know how to use one meeting room, you know how to use them all. You also get a team dedicated to giving you meeting spaces that are customized to your company’s identity and the way you work. From the company-branded control panels and screensavers to the alerts that let room guests know that another meeting is about to begin, we apply our diligence to the details that make all the difference.