During AVI-SPL’s VIBE: #futureofwork event, we explored the ways organizations are creating new ways of working using the latest in communication and collaboration technology. These hourlong breakout sessions focused on the following topics:

Each of these talks also include questions taken from live audience participation.

In this post, we summarize the session “Experience Centers: A New Dimension in Brand Engagement.” And we include the link so you can watch and listen to the full discussion.

Experience centers and brand engagement

Christine Rogers, VP of experiential environments group, AVI-SPL, moderates this look at how to create the experiences that encourage people to come back to the office and that impress your customers. Christine is joined by the following expert panelists:

They explain:

  • Why experiences matter
  • Connecting to remote participants in a meaningful way
  • What retailers are doing to engage customers with experiences
  • The philosophy behind multimedia experiences

They also discuss the advances in technology – with voice, AI, and more – that are creating great new experiences for users that don’t require them to touch a screen. Plus, they answer questions that came in during the live event about applications for experience environments.

Watch this session on the value of experience centers

Click on the button below to watch and listen to “Experience Centers: A New Dimension in Brand Engagement.” And if you have any questions or would like more information, contact AVI-SPL. We’re here to help.