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You want the ability to create, collaborate, and innovate across your enterprise. Bluescape™ is the visual collaborative workspace that scales to your team’s creative ambitions.

From its powerful, versatile platform, where everything is connected and interactive, you share ideas and work on them simultaneously with collaborators.

Companies use Bluescape because they want to work across time zones using their devices of choice for brainstorming, project management, product development — and quickly bring products and ideas to market.


Bluescape allows anyone to create, collaborate, and innovate. Everyone has plenty of space to inspire, design, and produce their best work.

  • Projects can be edited and refined in real time
  • Global teams collaborate in the same space without leaving their desks
  • Multi-user, any location, different devices
  • Share various media files — JPG, PDF, and YouTube videos — by dragging them onto the workspace

Bluescape, when used in conjunction with AVI-SPL’s ability to design, install, and configure audio-visual communications systems, increases the effectiveness of teams and individuals as they work across the enterprise. AVI-SPL can mount multi-touch high-definition displays running Bluescape, giving you a vast canvas on which you can defy conformity and inspire greatness.

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