Coronavirus Update

UPDATED: Thursday, March 5

AVI-SPL is actively monitoring the global spread of the novel Coronavirus and its disease COVID-19. As a valued customer, we want share with you how we’re handling this global health threat at AVI-SPL.

At this time, all AVI-SPL locations around the world are operating as usual and we’ve taken a number of precautions to help protect our employees, customers, and partners worldwide. This includes the development of a task force meeting frequently to monitor and implement action plans, more thorough cleaning and disinfecting practices at our facilities, as well as constant reminders to our employees of proper hygiene procedures.

During this time, we will make all reasonable endeavors to ensure projects and deliverables remain on schedule, all while ensuring the health and safety of our employees, customers and partners. As we proceed, we are committed to keeping you updated on what AVI-SPL is doing to help minimize and eliminate this global health threat.

Who to Contact:

United States
Nathan Legg, Public Relations Manager
+1 (813)956-6029
Visit for the full list of local office branch numbers

Jeff Faber, Managing Director
+1 (403) 301-4701
Judy Iwacha, Human Resources Director
+1 (403) 301-4713

United Kingdom
James Shanks, Managing Director
+44 (0) 7972 607169
Nick Reeve, Accounting Director
+44 7583 575 255

Johannes Stehr, Managing Director
+49 151 74474777
Kerstin Schulze, HR Generalist
+49 (0)151-74474778

Middle East
Phil Marlowe, Managing Director
Adam Loosley, Operations Manager

Asia Pac
Brian Fallon, Services Director
Jack Lim, Service Delivery Manager

Additional Resources:

World Health Organization
Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
Johns Hopkins


To protect yourself, family, friends, and coworkers from infection, please review the travel advisories provided by your local government and take proper precautions.