3 Ways to Create Quick-Starting, Productive Huddle Room Meetings

Crestron huddle space solutionsMeeting participants in a traditional huddle room can collaborate with others in multiple locations using Crestron solutions.

While huddle rooms are small areas where 2 to 6 people meet to collaborate and share ideas, the room capabilities can vary widely. When building a huddle room, the priority is to make the space AV-ready with easy-to-use collaboration tools. The modern office needs to be designed to better facilitate a range of employee experiences.

This tech brief defines three levels of AV-ready huddle rooms, based on technology functionality and budget. There are four additional considerations that can help you determine which AV-ready huddle room type you should deploy:

  • Employee Work Styles
  • Room and Device Usage Intelligence
  • Management and Maintenance
  • Standardization
  • Download the tech brief to learn more.