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“The Total Economic Impact of AVI-SPL’s Digital Workplace Solutions.”

Before investing in workplace solutions, companies need to know that those solutions will yield quantifiable benefits in productivity and cost savings.

During this event, guest speaker Jonathan Lipsitz of Forrester Consulting will discuss findings from a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of AVI-SPL of four companies and the measurable benefits they experienced working with AVI-SPL as their integrator and services provider. Those measured benefits include:

  • Productivity capture
  • Lower TCO
  • Greater meeting room use


This Forrester Consulting study, commissioned by AVI-SPL, looks at the impact AVI-SPL integration and managed services has had on four of its largest global accounts. Those results are applied to a composite organization and cites quantified benefits (like reduced real estate, lower TCO, and support contract savings), along with unquantified benefits (like employee satisfaction and reduced travel).