How to Create Inspiring, Collaborative Huddle Rooms

Companies that want to support activity-based work styles and an increasingly mobile workforce have turned their focus to the huddle room. These spaces—when equipped with the right technologies—promote teamwork, productivity, and innovation.

AVI-SPL answers your common huddle room design questions

AVI-SPL has many years of experience in designing, building, and integrating collaboration spaces, and know the most common questions you need answered. Our guide, “How to Create Inspiring, Collaborative Huddle Rooms,” addresses these questions:

  • How many huddle rooms does your organization need?
  • What capabilities should these rooms provide?
  • How much do huddle rooms cost?
  • How do we create spaces employees will love?

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Our guide answers these frequently asked huddle room questions so you can start designing spaces that fit your budget, meet employee needs, and encourage collaboration and innovation. You’ll find specific information about capabilities, design, price ranges, and more.

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