AVI-SPL Shares Digital Workplace Transformation Success Stories at Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2018

The collaboration technology services provider will share strategy and tips on AV and UC solutions for creating a better workplace experience, including its patented AVI-SPL Unify ME Symphony meeting monitoring and management platform. TAMPA, Fla. – October 9, 2018 – AVI-SPL, the global leader in AV systems integration and collaboration solutions, announced its plans to showcase its patented AVI-SPL Unify […]

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Corporate AV Calls for Simpler Spaces

Corporate life is changing, and the proAV industry needs to be aware of these changes and how to react to them. AVI-SPL’s Will Hegan discusses how AV is used in corporate spaces today. Read more…

AVI-SPL’s Joe Jackson Honored with Friends of NCS4 Award

Awarded by the National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security, Friends of NCS4 recognizes professionals who have provided invaluable contributions to the advancement of the organization TAMPA, Fla. – July 13, 2018 – Joe Jackson, market manager for AVI-SPL’s Control Room Group, this week received the Friends of NCS4 award, for his role enhancing the safety and security of […]

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What Being an Agile Company Means (and Why it Matters)

Within the business context, agility means being able to respond to consumer or market changes at a moment’s notice — or make adjustments proactively ahead of them. It means that even remote workers can fully participate in meetings, brainstorming sessions, and projects. It means a company can adapt to changing conditions and reinvent itself for continued success. Read more…

AVI-SPL Collaboration Tech Solution Serves Two Purposes at Atmosphere Commercial Interiors HQ

‘Flaunt it if you’ve got it’ is a phrase that Atmosphere Commercial Interiors can live by, now that AVI-SPL fulfilled their goal of integrating collaboration tech solutions in huddle spaces, one-person enclaves, dual-display meeting rooms and open collaboration spaces. Through these solutions, Atmosphere Commercial Interiors has created an environment that reflects its culture and makes its headquarters a place that team members want to work in and that guests want to emulate. Read more…