Digital Media Switching Made Easy

Superior HD Digital Media Switching Made Easy as Analog

Until recently, end-to-end distribution of HDMI signals with full HDCP involved a number of challenges and concerns including HDCP authentication delays, key limits preventing the use of multiple displays and scaling concerns. Join us as our expert presenter explores how recent technology developments overcome those complexities and make HD Digital Media switching as easy as analog. Participants will learn about unique AMX capabilities including SmartScale®, InstaGate Pro™ and DXLink™ Transmitters and Receivers which together address the three biggest issues experienced with the distribution of HDMI/HDCP signals.

About the Presenter

Paul Hand is a senior product manager at AMX, stewarding the company’s design, development and lifecycle planning for a vast array of state-of-the-art signal management solutions. In addition to his technology acumen, Paul is known for passionately identifying and advocating critical customer requirements that can be addressed through reliable and robust switching technologies. During Paul’s eight-year tenure at AMX, solutions within the portfolio he oversees have received numerous industry honors, including “Best New Product at InfoComm 2011,” awarded to the Enova DGX 16 and 32 Digital Media Switching Family.

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