What You Need to Know About Audio Conferencing

What You Need to Know About Audio Conferencing

The human voice is the key to interpersonal communication. Even in the finest video conferencing system, if the audio is not of high quality, then communication will be difficult.

In “Successful Communications: What You Need to Know About Audio Conferencing,” we will teach you about what to look for in a quality audio conferencing system (or the audio part of a video conferencing system).

The microphones, DSP core electronics, loudspeakers, installation, and even the acoustics of the room are all part of a quality conferencing system and if any one of those part are inadequate; then the results will be less than satisfactory. We’ll also explain and discuss the “state of the art” in acoustic echo cancellation and network distribution of audio and video.

About the Presenter

Read Wineland is the regional director, Eastern North America, for Biamp Systems. He has been with the company since 1995. Previously, Read was an independent representative for Biamp and several other professional audio product lines based in Ohio.

Read started his audio career in 1973 with White House Communications while in the US Air Force, serving Presidents Nixon and Ford. Following his military career he worked for Hollywood Sound Systems in Los Angeles working on projects such as House PA for NBC’s Saturday Night Live, The Academy Awards, The Emmy Awards, PGA Golf remotes for NBC, and installing the original wireless microphone systems for the NFL which the referees continue to use today.

Read also has a CTS (Certified Technology Specialist) certification awarded by Infocomm, the AV industry’s governing body and is a member of the Audio Engineering Society.

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