AV Collaboration Solutions That Help You Work Smarter

Explore AV and video collaboration solutions that organizations of all types use to improve the experience of employees, clients, customers, guests, and stakeholders. And learn about everything we do in our company brochure.

Explore AV and video collaboration solutions that organizations of all types use to improve the experience of employees, clients, customers, guests, and stakeholders. And learn about everything we do in our company brochure.

Audio Visual Integration

AV and Collaboration Design Needs Analysis

Ready for answers? Fill out our simple needs analysis form to help us understand your project goals. Your project goals will be sent to one of our engineers who can help you determine the technological needs, cost, and timeline for your project.

AV Systems Control and Management

Establish, enhance, and distribute audio and video signals throughout facilities, meeting rooms, or zones on demand from central control rooms and wireless devices.

Classrooms and Training Centers

Companies and academic institutions rely on technology that enables multi-point collaboration and interactive presentations, and records lectures for on-demand access.

Collaboration Spaces

Participants can quickly start meetings and video conferences by using automated room systems and touch panels that are tailored to different user comfort levels.

Command and Control Centers

Network operations centers combine data from different sources on large, high-definition video walls that serve situational awareness in mission-critical facilities.

Consultant Specified Systems

Our best and most rewarding relationships with Pro AV consulting firms are forged from working together to satisfy your specification’s requirements and your clients expectations, while finishing projects on time and within budget.

Crestron Network AV over IP

Network AV is how companies distribute video signals between rooms, buildings, and cities around the world. Crestron DigitalMedia is the standard for AV distribution because it integrates today’s array of AV technologies and infrastructures.

Large Venues and Auditoriums

Performing arts centers, stadiums, conference centers, and other large venues captivate and inform guests through the networked distribution of high-definition audio and video signals.

Sound Systems

Networked audio systems simplify the distribution and management of sound, and facilitate zoned paging to mitigate disturbances in other areas.

Studio and Broadcast

The ability to create multimedia content and the need to share it across global offices is leading companies to invest in onsite studio and broadcast facilities.

Video Displays

Commercial video displays are used for applications like video conferencing, healthcare assessment, design and research, and user interaction across a range of markets.

Video Walls

Scalable arrays of high-definition, interactive displays serve aesthetic, entertainment, and informational purposes by displaying images and text across a vast digital canvas.

Visualization and Simulation

Advanced visualization and simulation solutions combine high-resolution images, stereoscopic projection, and 3D graphics to give researchers and trainees a sense of presence in a virtual environment.

Collaboration Solutions

Huddle Spaces

Offices with open collaboration spaces and small meeting areas enable groups of 2-5 to collaborate, annotate content, and connect with remote participants.

Microsoft Cloud Solutions

AVI-SPL is a trusted Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP), offering Microsoft’s cloud solutions directly to organizations like yours.

Microsoft Services for Enterprise Customers

AVI-SPL is recognized by Microsoft as an accredited Skype Operations Framework partner and Cloud Solutions Provider, offering direct access to Microsoft’s cloud-based products and simplifying the cloud strategy of organizations worldwide to streamline cloud deployment.

Microsoft Skype for Business

Learn why Skype for Business is so popular among organizations, and the collaboration benefits it can provide to those in your company.

Microsoft Surface Hub

AVI-SPL is one of a just a few companies that has elite partner status with Microsoft to offer its new Surface Hub.

Video Collaboration

Video conferencing has gone far beyond the executive boardroom. Today we're sharing documents, editing them with remote collaborators in real time, and connecting with colleagues from all over the world, even from our personal devices.

Virtual Meeting Rooms

Easily extend the power of video collaboration throughout your organization with a self-service offering that scales as your business grows. Request more information or a live demo here.

Enterprise Video & Signage

Content Management

Content management is the core of a digital signage solution, and addresses areas like design, creation, and the deployment of content across a network.

Enterprise Video Distribution and Production

Streaming media includes content that can be delivered over an IP network in real time and on demand. That flexibility benefits the content creator, along with the end user.

Enterprise Video Services

Enterprise video services from video marketing strategy to on-site production studios to remote/in-studio video production and live webcasts. With our ReadyCam studio, you can produce live TV appearances, stream webcasts, and produce web videos easily and affordable. Learn more about enterprise video services.

Collaborative Environments

Collaborative Workspaces for Corporate, Education and Government

Regardless of the environment – indoor, outdoor, walls, open configuration – AVI-SPL delivers the AV and collaboration technology systems you need to improve your operations.