Video Conferencing and Collaboration

Video conferencing has been a critical component of business collaboration for many years. But today, with more integration possibilities, video conferencing has evolved into a more collaborative experience. With more powerful technology, communication can be about more than just being face-to-face. It can include content sharing, white-boarding, and annotation – and other tools that make it possible to have an actual “working meeting.” Video collaboration systems bring people together in new ways, expanding on the capabilities of traditional video conferencing.

AVI-SPL’s video collaboration solutions include the ability to see and edit the same documents in real time — documents that can be shared wirelessly from personal devices, annotated, and saved. The fluid desktop experience of Skype for Business works in group collaboration settings.  Your video collaboration solution can be sourced from an on-premise system, a cloud subscription service, or a hybrid of the two.

Complementing these enhanced video collaboration systems are open collaboration workspaces and huddle rooms that make it easy to quickly gather in small groups, connect with others outside the office or organization, and exchange ideas.

Video Conferencing and Collaboration Workplace Trends

  • As employees bring two or more personal devices (like smartphone and tablets) to work they require the video collaboration solutions that will enable them to be productive from on-site and offsite locations.
  • Companies are designing healthy spaces to improve employee performance and productivity as well as attract and retain top talent.
  • The modern office is designed to better facilitate a range of employee experiences with flexible spaces devoted specifically to activities like collaboration, concentration, innovation, socialization, and revitalization.

What we provide

AVI-SPL will design and deploy video conferencing collaboration systems that improve the way your organization works. Our teams of certified technicians and engineers bring together interactive displays, presentation systems, and control systems into a welcoming environment. We can provide AV integration services that will realize your goal for better alignment and knowledge-sharing among employees, partners, and clients.

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Why Work With AVI-SPL

You expect and deserve video collaboration systems that are easy for your staff to use, that are reliable, and that foster collaboration among team members, regardless of what device they’re using and where they might be. Our expertise encompasses all aspects of a video collaboration solution, including design, room configuration, implementation, and ongoing support, including the ability to schedule and produce your conference calls. Because we stay on top of the latest trends in business collaboration, we understand how companies expect to collaborate, and the tools they need. One of the biggest trends we’ve seen has been the move to cloud-based video conferencing, which we provide through our managed conferencing services and the self-service suite of Virtual Meeting Room options.