Video Displays

When is a display not just a display? When it’s used in a commercial setting. Just ask the radiologist who needs to review medical images to make an accurate diagnosis, or the museum that wants to announce its current and upcoming exhibits to guests.

Video displays are often the centerpiece of the environments where they’ve been installed. They can be used to distribute live feeds or pre-recorded content to audiences. They also include interactive capabilities, such as multi-touch displays that can be used in retail environments or experience centers.

Workplace Trends

  • Resolutions are increasing to 5K and even 8K, setting the stage for grander, more ambitious content
  • As pixel density increases, video displays are getting larger
  • A shift to emissive display technology like OLED, the organic light-emitting diode
  • Those OLEDs will have the ability to be formed into different shapes that suit the content

What we provide

We work with the premier manufacturers of video displays and associated technology, including Sharp, Crestron, NEC, and Samsung. These partnerships give us access to the latest systems and technologies being used with video displays. Such systems and technologies include:

  • AMX Instagate Pro, which overcomes switching delays that occur when video displays are being validated
  • DICOM-compliant displays for medical evaluation
  • 4K image resolution, which renders even large images with eye-catching detail

Latest resources

Why Work With AVI-SPL

We don’t just say we’ll do it. Whatever the design, whatever the application, our technicians and designers have done it, and we’ve done it well.  Whether your video displays need to be multi-touch for the classroom, matrix capabilities for video conferencing, ultra high resolution to see details for design or research purposes, we’ve handled every integration type you can think of. We’ll consult with your team to define the needs and objectives that video displays can fulfill. This collaborative process helps ensure that those displays are suited to the content being shared.