On-Demand Webinar: Microphone Arrays, Beamforming & Voice Tracking Technologies with Biamp Systems

AVI-SPL Biamp on-demand webinarDuring this webinar, Zach Snook, audio product manager for Biamp, explains beamforming microphones and mic arrays and how they provide coverage within a meeting space. Download this webinar to see and hear Zach demonstrate Biamp’s voice-tracking performance from the Biamp Beamforming Studio, and learn about:

  • Benefits of beamforming mic arrays
  • How these mic arrays can be arranged in your rooms
  • How Biamp Beamtracking™ microphones track a moving talker so their voice is always being picked up
  • Tesira POE+ amplifiers
  • Using Biamp calculators to determine mic coverage and design rooms

About the Presenter:

Zach Snook joined Biamp Systems in 2008 and is now the Product Manager for Audio. His passion for AV system design began, like many others, while playing in a local band. This experience nurtured his interest and moved him to Columbia College Chicago. There he earned his Bachelor’s degree with a double concentration in Systems Contracting and Live Sound Reinforcement. His professional experience includes eight years working for an audiovisual integrator, where he designed and commissioned AV solutions. Drawing on his deep knowledge of networked AV and VoIP, Zach has focused on understanding technology trends and educating integrators, system designers, and end users about how the pro-AV and the IT industries have converged.